Monday, June 18, 2007


I have just set up this blog to serve as a means of introducing myself to the McIntyre Library and UW - Eau Claire community. The first thing you might notice about me is that I have a difficult time thinking up names and titles for things. I have always struggled over titles for writings, names for pets and names for our cars. The last car I named is called "Baby Blue". See what I mean? I have usually relied on my wife or our daughters to come up with the good names.

I kept putting off starting this blog because I could not come up with a snappy name. So here is where you come in. Help me name this thing. We can try doing it through the comments part. You all can suggest names and decide which one works best. Let's see if this will work.

Another thing is that even though I am not a baseball fan, I am still rooting for the OSU Beavers in the College World Series. And, they just beat Arizona State 12-6! Yeah! It looks like they may have a chance to do great things this year too. (Last year they won the College World Series.) I am really excited about coming to UWEC so I can start rooting for the Blugolds! I really want to attend some hockey games. When I was at the University of Denver I got excited about college hockey.

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