Friday, June 29, 2007

Seems Like I am Living in O'Hare

Today I am trying to travel back to Corvallis after finding a house in Eau Claire. Because my daughter works for United Airlines Cely and I are able to take advantage of some great travel fares. The only drawback is that we have to fly standby. Today is one of those days when the system doesn't work so well for us. We arrived at the airport in time to catch a 9:00 flight. That flight checked in full as did the 12:15 flight. Now we are waiting for a 5:30pm flight. After that it could be the 8pm or the 10:40pm flight. OR we could end up going through the entire process again tomorrow. It seems that Portland Oregon is a very popular place this weekend.

The important thing is that we found a house in Eau Claire and had our offer accepted. One more hurdle crossed on our way to Eau Claire. The house is just what we hoped for. It is the right size, near campus and in the 3rd Ward. Now we have to wrap up things in Corvallis and arrange for a mover.

Meanwhile I am sitting in the airport hoping to catch a flight west.


J. Markgraf said...

Welcome to the 3rd Ward, John, and congratulations to you and Cely for landing a great house! I hope you love the neighborhood as much as we do. As you prepare to move, please let us know if we can do anything to help out on this end.

Laurie Roach said...

John, having grown up in that neighborhood, I always loved that house. Welcome to Eau Claire.